A Desert Jewel in Southern Africa’s Crown

Namibia is exceptionally beautiful and nothing like its surrounding ‘savannah’ landscaped countries. Completely unique, with its vast desert and empty landscapes, where wildlife interactions are infrequent but highly prized. The highest sand dunes in the world rise up in all their glory and skeleton coast beckons with its eerie allure.

We have developed a unique program here which allows you to live safari style in the middle of a reserve whilst contributing to conservation and community projects.

But each week the volunteer projects will be intertwined with adventure and exploration to enable you see the best of this stunning country.

One of our best.

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Places You'll Visit

You will be based on a private conservancy but you will venture out to white water raft, track rhino and gasp at Fish River Canyon.
Kum Kum Namibia
200k Hectares of Wild Habitat

An amazing opportunity has come our way to send volunteers out to this exceptional reserve in Southern Namibia to help leading conservationists conserve and re-wild Oana Conservancy who's wildlife was badly effected during the past 30 years through farming and extensive hunting.

Oana covers a stunningly beautiful semi-arid landscape of small mountains and plains with the Orange River running alongside, creating an idyllic oasis of green and blue within the terracotta hue of the sand and mountains. Next door is Sandfontein Conservancy, where Black Rhino are protected, providing extra opportunities for conservation. Together these two areas comprise almost 165,000 hectares of a continuous wild habitat. This vast land has never been studied, with undiscovered species possible, so get ready to go into explore mode.

Your time here will be spent fully immersed in a combination of conservation involving leopard, black rhino and gemsbok, biodiversity surveys, adventure such as trekking, river rafting, mountain biking and community projects in the local villages focusing mainly on education and development. And if it takes your fancy allow the landscape to inspire your creative side through drawing, painting, woodcarving, photography or film making. For those with a spiritual, earthy nature there is yoga and perma- culture.

You'll live in a expedition base-camp, canvas tented camp, on one of Oana’s plains, surrounded by volcanic mountains ripe for exploration.  Think homely, bedouin vibe – chill out zones full of sofa’s, cushions, a bar, campfire and lot of star gazing.

Heaven, the ultimate safari experience.

How You'll Contribute

Whilst on the the reserve you will get stuck into this mix of conservation and community projects.
Animal Welfare
Wildlife on the Conservancy

Relocation and reintroduction of wildlife is an important part of the re-wilding process and based upon the biodiversity surveys we will introduce a range of animals over time.

Reintroducing an animal will be done through ‘soft-release’, where the animal will be in a quarantine enclosure to acclimatise to the surroundings before a full release. You will assist with this by monitoring how the animal copes.

An introduction cannot be guaranteed but in such an environment there is a high chance.

There may also be a chance to head into the field to get involved with the wildlife capture, immobilisation and relocation on other reserves in the surrounding area.

Conservancy Management
Hands-On Repair and Development

The past hunting activities have left a range of issues that need to be solved. Immediate projects include:

Removing old buildings and other unnecessary fences, structures and scrap.

Developing water points for animals.

Building micro-basins to help with plains regeneration.

Removing alien vegetation on the property and along the river.

Building hides for wildlife observation at water points.

Building a vulture restaurant.

Exploring and Learning about the Land

Oana is an area unstudied and given its history we need to understand what lives on the land and in what numbers. This is the first process when re-wilding land.

We need to collect all the information we can, we do this through wildlife counts, camera trapping, humane methods of trapping small mammals, catching birds reptiles fish and insects. We carry out analysis of wildlife faeces and tracks.

Collecting data on the wildlife populations is an essential part of conservation, so the conservancy managers can develop specialised management strategies based upon the data.

Wildlife Monitoring
Rhino, Cheetah and Giraffe.

We will head over to our neighbouring conservancy, Sandfontein, to track on foot the highly endangered Black Rhino to research their movement patterns, eating habits and interaction between themselves.

The Black Rhino can be skittish and very defensive, your tasks (every safety precaution taken) will take you close and get your heart racing.

Due to the current global situation with rhino poaching tracking rhino on foot is an extremely rare thing to be able to do. We will also carry out research on the Giraffe and possibly the Cheetah.

Community Projects
Teaching and Improving Infrastructure

Oana is working to develop a relationship with the local community and you’ll be integral to forging this through developing and working on projects that directly improve the standard of life and employment opportunities. Rather than teaching a bit of English and sports in the local school we would like to create tangible projects that truly make a difference where it is most needed.

The community live with a very low quality of life, they do not have the luxuries of running water, three meals a day or a good education. The major problem is a lack of employment opportunities for kids after school so we would like to focus on projects such as construction of vegetable gardens which the youth will manage and turn into a business.

They are also looking to improve the village infrastructure which you'll be able to help with, such as building new classrooms and water facilities.

Projects and Adventure Intertwined

Volunteer work and adventure are intertwined here. Each week will include one of the following, all included in the cost.
River Rafting
Raft Down the Orange River

Raft down the Orange river on an exhilarating 5 day adventure over white water, (up to level 4 rapids) stopping off at idyllic sandy beaches along the way.

You’ll raft during the mornings before stopping off at a beach along the way to build a camp for the evening.

Your afternoons will be spent sunbathing, swimming, fishing, reading and relaxing. Your evenings spent around the bonfire with roasted marshmallows!

Whilst rafting you’ll see amazing bird life, perhaps the elusive claw less otter and conduct bird biodiversity surveys as you go.

You’ll raft through gorges and canyons so the landscape is constantly changing.

A definite highlight.

Included in the cost.

Explore the Desert and Mountain Terrain.

Hiking will be a big part of your time here and the potential for exploration is limitless over the mountain ranges made up of different rock types, (the area is a global geological hotspot), ranging from terracotta granite outcrops to towering, black, perfectly formed volcanos (all extinct). These mountains are interspersed with sandy grass plains and 50km of river frontage.

The feeling of freedom and being able to walk in any direction for hours without seeing anyone is intoxicating, one of the most beautiful aspects is the landscape views and how, as you move and change perspective, these views constantly morph.

Fish River
Second Largest Canyon in the World

Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world, second only to the Grand Canyon in America, and words completely fail to do it any justice in attempting to describe the massive beauty or this place which will make you feel very small indeed! It is about a 2/3-hour drive from Oana but it will feel like you have driven to Mars!

Included in the cost.

Mountain Biking
Explore the Desert Terrain

Venture out on the reserve by mountain bike.

We have built a specially designed 20km bike trail that weaves through our mountains and ridges which shows off the stunning mountain landscape which will get your blood pumping.

The are fast bits, slow(er) bits, technical bits and chilled straights but don’t worry riders of every ability will be able to do the trail.

Along the way will may carry out opportunistic game counts in case we see any mountain zebra, any other wildlife or maybe even a leopard along the way.

From Bushcraft to Arts and Crafts
Bush Craft & Survival Skills
Head out into the bush with local tribesman to track animals, identify spores, start a fire from scratch, find water and learn about the many skills which have helped the Nama tribe survive in this semi-arid environment.

Cooking Lessons
Learn how to prepare local dishes and work the infamous braai.

Arts and Downtime
Oana is the perfect place to get creative – you'll be able to try woodcarving, painting, drawing, photography or film making. During down time, you'll have time to play football, volleyball, baseball, frisbee and slack lining.

Gap Year Programs in Namibia

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