Majestic and Spiritual

Nepal is so much more than Mount Everest and the snow capped Himalayas. Majestic temples, prayer flags, paddy fields, jungles and the kindest nation of people you will ever meet come together to create an amazing, historically spiritual country.

Struggling back from the earthquakes of 2015, their resilience is notable and their appreciation for help tangible. Whatever you choose to do, you will be helping this country get back onto its feet in some shape or form.

We have several program options in Nepal - either opt for one of our single care, medical or building projects where you can go any time or if you want to travel in a team to experience a mix of volunteering and trekking then we can help you out to - see below.

Single Project Options

Care, medical or building projects available.

Flexible departures - meet other volunteers in-country.

Mix of Volunteering and Trekking

Travel with a team for 4 weeks in Nepal with the option to add on another 4 weeks in India.