Gap Year Programs in The Caribbean

Below you'll find our programs that take place in The Caribbean.
Make sure you check out the pages for each Caribbean country, too.

Scuba, Dancing and Exploration

So much more than the colour of the Sea.
Volunteer & Travel In The Caribbean On Your Gap Year
Get Carried Away to the Caribbean

There's a timeless serenity and a relaxing hum to the Caribbean, whispered in its warm breezes and sequestered beaches. Known for its scenic routes, charming architecture and overwhelming shopping, it's seen many an historic footprint over the years - be it British, French, Spanish, Dutch, African, or, in recent times, Hollywood and Depp.

From The Bahamas, with its 700 sprawling islands, to isolated Cuba - this is a region full of both far-flung hideaways and glossy mega-resorts. There's world heritage to be had at the Valle de Vinales in Cuba, in cahoots with the ceramic wonderland that is Fusterlandia in Havana, whilst diving in Andros Island's blue holes underwater cave system will make you the envy of PADI instructors the world over.

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