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The Continent of Extremes

Large, stunning, unique.
Volunteer & Travel In Africa On Your Gap Year
Want to Scramble for Africa?

The saying goes: 'to see Africa is to see the world with the lid off'. Home to the human species, to the world's largest desert, and to a language spoken by nearly 170 million, it is the continent of extremes: extremely large, extremely dry, extremely poor, and extremely young. So young, in fact, that half the continent still haven't reached their 25th birthday.

Take The Leap and you could find yourself trekking up the snow-capped Kilimanjaro - towering 5896m above sea level. How about meeting the rhino in Namibia? Why you could even zip round the sandy coasts of Madagascar, or through the Avenue of the Baobabs - where Treebeard is ashamed to tread.

Get stuck into different programs all at different locations, and be the envy of every adventurer. Because there's no photo in the world that will capture the thunder of a million hooves on dirt as wildebeest and zebra migrate side-by-side through the Serengeti.

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