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All our programs include a mix of projects, but these, listed below, are big on wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Worldwide

Make a difference to the wildlife under threat.
Wildlife Conservation Volunteering
Volunteer to help Wildlife Conservation Projects

The attraction of unusual animals is a big draw for backpackers. From washing elephants to hatching turtles, some of the greatest and most authentic experiences you can have on your travels are zoologically-orientated. No wonder destinations like Africa and Asia are so popular.

With wild species all over the world under threat of extinction, it’s essential that we find ways to protect them and conserve their natural habitats - even if it means keeping animals in captivity until they have a safe place to live in the wild. Whilst this kind of thing can be a career in itself, the animal volunteering work you can do on a gap year can be hugely rewarding. You’ll team up with full-time animal conservationists, who identify endangered wildlife and protect them.

If you’re passionate about preventing the extinction of animals, being part of an animal conservation project - like game reserve management, turtle protection, or elephant rehabilitation - just get in touch.

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