Departing in Jan, April and Sept

Below you'll find our programs where a large part of your time is spent working in schools and care homes.

Departing in July

Below you'll find our summer programs where a large part of your time is spent working in schools and/or care homes.

Time to Make a Difference.

Nothing More Rewarding
Happy Child Learning Teaching & Childcare Volunteering
Ready to Get Your Teacher On?

An exciting and thoroughly rewarding experience awaits when you dedicate your gap year to working with children abroad. Amazing people: check. New skills to spice up the old CV: check. Not to mention the feel-good factor.

Spend some time in primary schools at the foot of Kilimanjaro, or help Hanava's local artists introduce painting and drawing to local kids, and you'll have changed the lives of hundreds of children who often work ten or more hours a day in street markets. You'll come in as an additional resource to help facilitate learning in what are often under-resourced and over-crowded teaching environments - for the aspiring teacher, the experience doesn't get much more hands-on than this.

You can teach your own classes, plan your own activities, and volunteer in community centres to bring a smile to the faces of disadvantaged kids, all whilst helping bring us one step closer to striking out child labour for good.

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