Making Your Summer Count

Below you’ll find all our programs designed for those seeking a constructive summer.

Depart early July, back in time for A level results.

From £300 per week.

Travel and Contribute in your Summer Holidays

Making your summer count.
Girls Whispering - Summer Volunteer Programs
Call it the Summer Snap Gap

Whilst we may be a gap year company, not everyone who travels with us is actually on a year-long break from education. Volunteering abroad in July is a popular way to make good use of the time between A-Level exams and results day, or to turn a university summer holiday into a short gap year trip of its own.

Of course, lounging around on the sofa or by a pool can be a relaxing, well-earned rest after the intensity of studying and exams. But do it for too long and you’ll find yourself bored and unfulfilled. If you want to do something really worthwhile, a summer program in an exotic destination could be the answer.

This could involve anything from teaching local kids in Tanzania, to helping protecting sea turtles on the beaches of Costa Rica. The choice is yours - all you need to do is work out what you want to do and where you want to go and we'll take care of the rest.

However, If you don't know where to start - just get in touch and we'll help you sort something out.

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