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Sometimes the hardest things are the most rewarding.
Handstand in Africa Physical Challenge Volunteering
On the Hunt for Adventure?

How many people can say they repaved a road for the Chilcapamba tribe in Ecuador? Or helped lay a water pipe in Borneo? Think tropical islands, trekking around waterfalls, think tumble-drying across streams in a 4x4, and hammocks at sunset. Inner Bear Grylls excited yet? Then come challenge yourself and get physical.

The gravity pipes in villages like Kota Marudu are in bad condition. The same water that runs through the river, filthy from years of washing and cleaning, travels from house to house, and the supply is always low. One single self-sustaining source is enough to change the lives of an entire people. Volunteering is all about team work, and together you'll get your jungle on and work your muscles and your mind.

Whether you're looking to test your inner strength in the Costa Rican jungle, or even if you fancy training as a ski instructor, there are physically-exerting options for all tastes right here.

So if you want to get down and dirty, and make a difference along the way, then lace up your combat boots and take an adventure.

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