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Below you'll find our programs where you can learn to scuba dive, or further your scuba qualifications, so you can participate in marine conservation.

Combine Scuba with Marine Conservation

Marine conservation opportunities in some of the worlds most stunning underwater environments.
So You Want to Get Your Feet Wet?

Option A: a packed and sweaty peak hour train. Option B: scuba diving to the rescue of sea life. If you're like us and think that second option is pretty much the Best Job In The World, then a marine conservation project is the one for you.

The vivid, technicolor coral reefs of The Bahamas or Madagascar feature a dazzling array of tropical fish, turtles and rays, whale sharks, and dolphins. But pollution and harmful over fishing are threatening these underwater wonderlands. On a marine conservation gap year program you'll carry out vital research into the health of reefs and their populations that then inform environmental policy.

Whether it's mapping out habitats largely unexplored, or reporting on damaged reefs, or learning to recognise everything from tiny hermit crabs to pastel-dyed anemones, a year spent keeping Nemo's house clean will be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life.

Scuba Diving in the Galapagos, Ecuador Marine Conservation Volunteering

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