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Below you'll find all our programs that include work with sustainable conservation charities.

Do Your Bit for the Planet

Never have worldwide organisations needed your help more.
Big Redwoods - Environmental Conservation
Keen to Do Your Bit for the Environment?

With greenhouse gas emissions now on the rise by 2% per year, ecosystem conversation has become more important than ever. Whether it's cracking the whip on deforestation in the rainforests of South America, or rehabilitating the Galapagos Islands back to their natural state alongside local experts, or assisting local farmers with irrigation projects to improve agriculture, there are plenty of ways to do your bit for this great planet of ours.

As an environmental conservation volunteer you'll let your fingers do the talking, collecting and analysing flora and fauna, getting down and dirty tending to livestock, and even contributing to government policy for future sustainability.

So if you've always thought planting a tree as a primary schooler wasn't nearly enough, then take The Leap and become a conservationist for a year.

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