Best for Community Building Opportunities

Below you'll find our programs that include work on sustainability and outreach in local communities.

Build to Make a Difference

Small bite size projects which can change the lives of many.
Tsachila Tribal Initiation Ecuador Community Building Volunteering
Here to Make a Difference?

The truth is, many families in places like Cambodia, Ecuador and Tanzania live in sub-standard housing with no running water. Children are denied an education because of the drought in schools and nurseries. Teens turn to a life of crime in the absence of community centres. And all the abandoned are forced to rough it out on the street. Right now you might be thinking this is bigger than you are, but even a single helping hand can make a world of difference to those who can't ask for it.

As a community builder you'll lay down foundations and put up walls, install gravity feed pipes and oversee school sanitation blocks, cast fabrics and harvest machines and septic tanks in regions like Tanzania - a country of warm hearts and striking scenery but where 90% of the population live on less than £1.50 a day with little access to safe water.

So if you're all about being the change you want to see in the world, these are the programs for you.

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