Single Project Internships

Below you'll find our new internships designed to give you focused overseas work experience.

Travel out on your own and meet up with other interns in-country.

Flexible departures, from £200 per week.

More of these in the pipeline.

Combine an Internship with Volunteering

We have a few unique programs in Tanzania where you can combine an internship with volunteering.

Here you will travel out with a leap team and volunteer on projects dotted around the country.

From £300 per week.

Take Your First Steps Towards Your Career

Adding flavour to your CV
Medicine Career Opportunity in Tanzania
The Work Place Has Never Been So Competitive

Three things in the world are certain: the female lion does all the hunting in the pride, no cement or mortar or measurements ever featured in the making of Machu Picchu, and the job front is tougher today than it's ever been before. The Perfect Candidate, 2016 model, comes with top-of-the-class results and polished life skills, a rolodex of previous work experience, an overcoming-impossible-odds story, and a rare blood type.

Now, while we can't help you with the magnum opus novel, or the blood type, there's just no beating the power of a compelling CV. Try this one on for size: 'Attended court and visited clients for an Arusha-based law firm, before hot footing to Dar Es Salaam to help with teach and renovations at a local school.' Now we're bragging.

Straight to the facts, then: join one of our career minded programs to get a leg up into industries that can otherwise prove extremely difficult to enter. If you have grand designs on becoming a lawyer one day (or a teacher, or a doctor, etc) then this is an ideal way to combine real-world work experience with a varied and exciting trip to another country. Good, eh? We weren't named Best Gap Year Company by the Sunday Times for our water cooler chats.

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