Special Offers

Tick Tock before the clocks go back

Gifting you a free pair of Ridgemont Walking boots

If you book your Leap program before the clocks go back on the 30 October.

It's super simple to do, just click here and fill out our super simple booking form.

If you haven't decided where you want to go yet, have a look at our gap year destinations to help you make up your mind.

Drop me a line on jenny@theleap.co.uk if you have any questions, jenny :)

Terms and Conditions: Offer runs from 14th October until midnight on Sunday 30th October. You must both book and pay your £250 deposit during this period in order to qualify, as well as complying with The Leap's terms and conditions. Free postage and packing in the UK

Regular Joe Deals

The deals below are all standing offers. As long as they're on this page, you can claim then. No expiry dates here!
Keep It In The Family
If you have a brother or sister, who has taken The Leap in the past, then we'll gladly give you a £100 discount.
Mates Rates
Persuade two friends to sign up with you and you'll all receive £100 off the cost of your programs.
Combo Leaper
Sign up for back-to-back gap year programs and we'll give you £300 off two 10 week programs or £200 off a 10 and 6 week combo.
The Recommender
Keep singing our praises and if someone you've recommended signs up, you will receive £50, and your friend will get £50 off the cost of their program. Simples.
Repeater Leaper
Need more Leap in your life? If you’ve travelled with us before, we’ll give you £100 off the cost of your next program.
Flexible Deposits
We only charge a £250 deposit to secure your place on the team. The balance is then broken down into staggered, bite-size pieces. If you change your mind about where you want to go we'll shift your money accordingly and if for some reason you need to postpone, your deposit is valid for three years or you can pass it onto a sibling or friend.