The Leap Works With Gap Year Travellers From All Over The World

Here at Leap Towers we’re ready to welcome volunteers from all over the world and we will happily help co-ordinate their travel plans


How does it work?

Once you’ve decided where and when you want to take The Leap, fill in the booking form and we’ll call/skype or face time you straight back to discuss the program and answer any questions you might have. If you want to do more than one program we can help build you a ‘back to back’ itinerary.

Leap Towers is a super green, paperless office, so all the information about your trip will be sent by email or made available to you via My Leap, our handy online pre-departure website. We offer online briefings by Skype, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.


Does The Leap Have An Overseas Presence?

Each year we attend the USA Gap Year Fairs, a string of 30+ events across the entire country. We also have alumni all over the world who would be happy to talk about their travel and volunteering experiences with you.


Does The Leap Have Accreditation?

Yes – The Leap is a member of the Year Out Group, formed to promote the concept and benefits of well-structured year out programs. We are also the first accredited member of the American Gap Association. More information about the industry partners that we’re recognised by can be found on the partners page.


What about College Credits?

College credits are not currently available for participation on programs offered by The Leap.  However, in the event that students have pre-arranged independent study credits through their university, The Leap will happily coordinate with your college to verify any required contact hours or activities. 


What about Scholarships?

The Leap spends about 70% of the program cost overseas, directly to the local economy and communities. It is therefore very difficult for us to offer scholarships and bursaries without depriving local communities and projects with much needed income.
We do however provide advice about fundraising including how to apply for grants and financial aid and offer generous discounts to siblings, repeat leapers, groups of 3+ and multiple leaps.

We are an American Gap Association (AGA) accredited organization and quite often this translates to more merit aid for students once they get to college – meaning less overall college expenses in many cases.


What About Flights?

Easy – although these aren’t included in the cost of the program, we’ll help you coordinate your journey with other Leapers in your team. This could mean arranging for you to meet the team in London to fly the final leg of your journey, or simply meeting up at your final destination.


How Do I Pay?

Working with a community in Namibia

Payment needs to be made in GBP and there are a number of different options, all fairly straightforward. Use the contact page to drop us a line so we can suggest the best way for you. For all those with $’s to spend – it’s never been so good for you, with a 20% saving. Better get booking.