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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean.
Sri Lanka
For a small country it packs a punch...

With its diverse landscapes ranging from rainforest, to arid plains, to highlands and sandy beaches, Sri Lanka is truly magical.

Historically this beautiful country has been run by the British, Portuguese and Dutch, gaining independence in 1948, all of whom have left their mark. It is now a democracy that continues to make economic progress, moving on rapidly from the 2004 tsunami and the tensions of the last decade. Sri Lanka is now a peaceful, safe destination for travelers and many international travel magazines have selected Sri Lanka as a go to destination.

It’s famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins, the city of Anuradhapura, the fort of Galle, rolling tea estates, national parks, jackfruit curry and, of course, cricket. Whether you are talking to a Buddhist monk or a kid they will want to find out which team you support.

Care Internship in Sri Lanka
Offer Support in a Kindergarten or Care Community Centre

Working in care is hugely rewarding as you will quickly see and feel the impact of your energy and kindness.

We have numerous care projects found along the coast in Negombo, Moratuwa, Panadura, Wadduwa and Kalutara, on the outskirts of Colombo.

Each project offers different activities and challenges, so when you apply we will discuss your options and match your expectations and skills accordingly.

Care Community Centres and kindergartens

The children here attend school in the mornings and return back to their care community centre or kindergarten in the afternoons.

Expect a typical day to involve helping at the school in the mornings to create visual learning aides or organising creative games.

In the afternoons you will be assisting with the kid's homework, playing sport and games, or providing one-to-one reading sessions.

We support 3 community centres, both financially and physically, for children affected by the Tsunami. Volunteers are sent in to help and without them these life changing centres would not exist.

Care with Disabled Children

Here you will be asked to engage the children in various games and reading as well helping with cooking, feeding and with their physical rehabilitation.

School Holidays

During the holidays alternative care opportunities will be provided, which will be more informal. Holiday time in Sri Lanka includes the first 2 weeks in April, August, December and the first week in January.

Care Workshops

Our in-country team in Sri Lanka organize regular ‘care’ workshops so you can gain an insight into the care system of Sri Lanka and the background of our projects. You will also receive support, advice, activity books and a box of arts and crafts resources to use.

Minimum age is 18, no experience required.

CRB check essential, which costs about £20.

Read more about our project aims in our Sri Lanka Care Management Plan ->

Intern Essentials

How it works in country, from where you stay to who looks after you.
Staff in Sri Lanka
A Network Of Support

The main office is about an hour outside Colombo where the Country Director and all members of staff base themselves.

All our staff are trained to follow best practice procedures, including monitoring, security, and emergency procedures.

The office acts as a general meeting point for all the volunteers.

Our overseas staff organize the details of our projects and accommodation to ensure everything is running smoothly.

They are there to assist with any concerns, problems, advice, and general administration that may arise during your time away - available during the day at the office and directly contactable 24 hours a day by phone.

On arrival you will appointed with a project supervisor who will go through your ‘induction’, work schedule and will be your first point of contact.

Your induction will include: • A Welcome Pack with details of the local office and other volunteers, maps, and other useful information (such as banks, doctors, and public transport). • A tour of the area on local transport that you'll need to use regularly. • Advice on local customs and what to expect while you are away to help you feel confident in your new environment.

Project Details: One month before you go you will be allocated your project details. These include addresses and phone numbers of your host family, project and supervisor.

Flights in Sri Lanka
Picked Up and Dropped Back

We will help organise your flights to Sri Lanka.

You'll need to fly into Bandaranayke International Airport, also called Colombo Airport, where you will be met by a prearranged taxi who will take you to your host accommodation.

Your project supervisor will contact you as soon as you arrive and will meet you at your accommodation.

A taxi will be organised for you at the end to take you back to the airport.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka
Instant Social Life

Your supervisor will organize your accommodation and make sure it is all ready for you on arrival.

You will live with host families who live in small towns and close to your project. There are always multiple host families in each town so you will meet up with other volunteers.

Your accommodation will be clean and comfy, with great food, but don’t expect any hot water!

Your host family will speak basic English.

Food in Sri Lanka
Fresh, Delicious Food

3 meals a day will be provided.

Expect to eat a lot of spicy curries, dahls, salads and exotic fruit.

Typical ingredients include beef, chicken, fish, seafood, aubergine, lentils, vegetables, potatoes - vegetarians easily accommodated.

Money in Sri Lanka
Budget to Explore

The local currency in Sri Lanka is the rupee. US$1 is about 130 rupees.

A realistic amount for exploring at the weekends (budget accommodation & public transport) and occasionally eating/drinking out during the week = about ₤60 per week.

Sri Lanka

Hot, Always Hot
So be prepared, more so in coastal areas.

March to June are the hottest months.

November to January are the coolest months (30 degrees Celsius).

Rains – two monsoon seasons; May to August in the south and west, October to January in the north and east.

The Highlands are spring-like all year round.

Backpacker favourites in Sri Lanka
Work hard, Play Hard

Our projects are based along the coast, south of the busy city of Colombo. During the week you will be project focused but your weekends will be free to travel and explore.

The transport infrastructure across Sri Lanka is pretty good so getting around will be fairly easy.

Top trips include:

  • Exploring the fort of Galle.
  • Surf and kite surf lessons on the East coast.
  • Train trip inland to visit the tea plantations.
  • Tour the historic city of Colombo.
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