10 Weeks in Cambodia: Siem Reap + Sihanoukville + Elephant Sanctuary

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I had one of the best experiences of my life and made best friends for life. Even my travels in Thailand and Vietnam after the placement can't top my time in Cambodia. I miss Siem Reap every day and I'll never forget how much I loved it there. I wish I could relive every minute of it!
Mili Malde
Mili Malde
Leaper Alumni, July 2012

We have a great little brochure for Cambodia


Your Itinerary

What you'll do and where you'll go, from the day you arrive until you hop on a plane back home.
  • Arrive Siem Reap
    Arrive in Siem Reap, the old French capital, in the backyard of the spectacular Angkor Wat Temples. Settle in, tuck into delicious street food and head to Pub Street.
  • Wk 1-3 Am Water Project, Siem Reap
    Spend your mornings for the first 3 weeks helping a local NGO install fresh water in some of the poorest communities tucked out of site in this city - helping to restore health and dignity. At the weekends venture out to see Tonle Sap Lake and Angkor Wat.
  • Wk 4 - 6 AM Samrong Village
    Set amongst lush paddy fields and home to a rural farming community. Here you’ll spend your afternoons helping with eco-agricultural projects and with their income generating schemes such as basket weaving and incense making
  • Wk 1- 6 Spitler and Kurator School Foundation

    Your afternoons in Siem Reap will be spent helping the teachers, in both the Spitler and Kurator schools with support teaching in English, sport and computer studies.

  • Wk 7 Sihanoukville
    After 6 weeks of city living its time to hit the tropical beaches of Sihanoukville.

    But look a little harder at the postcard perfection of Sihanoukville’s beaches and you will see some of the city’s poorest children working among the happy holidaymakers. Children are often forced by their families to work because tourists are more likely to buy a can of coke or crafts from a youngster. These children are incredibly vulnerable to abuse and miss out on the most valuable years of education in order to scrape a living.

    Under the direction of Starfish, you will work at both the Sakura School and at the Computer Development Center, helping with painting their gates, tables and chairs to teaching arts, sports (football), and any other special skills or talents that you would like to share.

  • Wk 8 Mondulkuri Elephant Sanctuary
    Your last week will be spent in the ‘Elephant Valley’, working alongside local mahouts, to provide care for these grey giants. Rolling up your sleeves you’ll help improve the project’s infrastructure, from digging trenches and veggie-patches to constructing accommodation and water towers.
  • End Phonm Penh
    Return to the capital of Phonm Penh to clean up and feast on your favourite dishes before heading home or venturing further into Asia.

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