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The whole experience was incredible - the activities were challenging whilst being fun at the same time and it gives you the opportunity to meet some amazing new people who you are likely to stay friends with for a long time afterwards. I will miss everything about it a lot - the group, the range of activities and casually seeing wild animals walk about the reserve.
Rebecca Scott
Rebecca Scott
Leaper Alumni

Your Itinerary

What you'll do and where you'll go, from the day you arrive until you hop on a plane back home.
  • Day 1 Private Game Reserve - Kwa Madwala
    Your base is in the heart of the reserve, surrounded by wildlife, providing the perfect safari setting from which you will help with all of the following conservation and community projects.
  • + Anti-Poaching
    You will help with the snare patrols across the reserve.
  • + Animal Welfare
    During game tracking activities, you will quickly learn to identify and interpret animal spoor and help rangers keep tabs on the behaviour and health of resident wildlife.
  • + Reserve Management
    You’ll help with the fence maintenance and controlling the ever-encroaching poisonous bush weed called lantana.
  • + Safari to the Krugar
    During the program we will take to the Krugar National Park with the aim to see the Big 5.
  • + Mijane Township
    Just outside the reserve we work with 2-day care centres for kids in the township of Mijane. Here you will hang out with the kids while helping develop their vegetable gardens.
  • + Elephant Ride
    Twali and Mujaje, two orphaned elephants, have found sanctuary at KWA. Local schools are regularly treated to a day with the elephants and you’ll be asked to help facilitate this, but more importantly, you will get the chance to stroll through the reserve with these magnificent creatures at your side.
  • + Backpacker Favourites
    On your time off there is plenty of optional extras close to the reserve: river tubing, abseiling and paint balling, safari in the Kruger National Park and visiting the Moholoholo Wildlife Centre.
  • Day 42 Private Game Reserve - Kwa Madwala
    Fly home or carry on with a spot in independent travelling.

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