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An experience that will live with me forever. The most challenging yet best 10 weeks of my life, without a doubt.
Scarlett Down
Scarlett Down
Leaper Alumni, July 2012

We have a great little brochure on Peru


Your Itinerary

What you'll do and where you'll go, from the day you arrive until you hop on a plane back home.
  • Day 1Arequipa

    You’ll start in the sun-drenched colonial Andean city of Arequipa where you'll spend your mornings learning Spanish before exploring this pretty World Heritage Site in the afternoons.

    Visiting the San Camilo Market, meeting the resident alpaca’s and white water rafting down the Chili River, is just for starters.

  • Day7Lake Titicaca

    Steeped in history the shores of Lake Titicaca are a visual feast of crumbling cathedrals, desolate altiplano and checkerboard fields backed by Andean peaks.

    Here you’ll travel to the traditional Aymara community of Karina, found on a peninsula that juts out into the lake.

    Karina are keen to develop community tourism so you will here with their village development and teaching in the school.

    On route you‘ll have the chance to see the incredible floating islands of Uros which is an amazing spectacle.

  • Day 21Cusco

    Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire, and is now known for its archaeological remains and Spanish colonial architecture.

    You will have a day or 2 here to explore this beautiful colonial city and other pre-Inca sites at Sacsayhuaman and Sillustani near Puno.

  • Day 24Sacred Valley -Tierra de los Yachaqs

    The “Tierra de los Yachaqs” project involves a group of small indigenous communities tucked away in the Sacred Valley.

    They live at about 3,500 and 4,500m high, in the spectacular Andean landscapes and live largely by traditional agriculture and crafts production. Keen to develop they will need your help with their traditional agricultural processes and teaching.

  • Day 35Trek to Machu Picchu

    Saving the best to last. Now’s your chance to visit the breathtaking and iconic Inca site of Machu Pichu.

    After a day or two exploring in and around Cusco you can either travel to the start of the Salkantay Trail, the less touristy and more spectacular 4-day trek through the winding valleys and stunning scenery before ascending to the site of Machu Pichu in time for sunrise. You will have the day to explore the site in all it’s glory before heading back to Aguas Caliente for the night.

    Or you can spend an extra couple of days in Cusco and bus up to the entry point from which you can start a 2 hour trek to reach the main site.

  • Day 42 Arequipa

    You will return to Cusco for a final day before taking a coach ride back to Arequipa.

    In Arequipa you will have one last day to explore before heading beyond or home.

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