6 Weeks in Cuba: Learn Spanish + Reef Conservation + Havana

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I had an amazing time and experience. I learnt a lot about my self and other cultures. My favourite thing was meeting all the people from other countries, who I hope to stay in contact with.
Charlotte Darby
Charlotte Darby
Leaper Alumni

Your Itinerary

What you'll do and where you'll go, from the day you arrive until you hop on a plane back home.
  • Wk 1-2 Havana
    Your base for the first 2 weeks is in the heart of Old Havana, a myriad of gorgeous neoclassical buildings buzzing with music and dancing everywhere. Your time here will be a mix of cultural exchange and exploration, led by our amazing guides, with learning to dance and speaking Spanish.
  • Sunday Paseo Del Prado - Havana
    Every Sunday on the Paseo del Prado Boulevard, artists set up workshops to share their creative talent with local kids for free. Part of our volunteer ‘donation’ is to contribute to the energy and excitement of this event, by making discreet donations of materials and organising for you to assist the artists with engaging these kids.
  • Wk 3 Punta Perdiz
    After your cultural fill it’s down to Punta Perdiz on the southern Caribbean shores. Here you’ll help the Cuban Red Cross and the International Dive Centre protect the local beaches and shallow waters of the Marine Park from discarded litter and the lionfish endemic.
  • Wk 4 Punta Perdiz Campismo
    Your base in Punta Perdiz is in a Cuban Campisimo (a campsite to you and I). Bearing in mind that this is it for Cubans, with regard to taking a holiday, it’s a pretty depressing place. Here we aim to renovate the sport and recreational facilities with a good lick of paint and new sports equipment. Basketballs, volleyballs, nets and bibs etc will be provided to encourage local games and good team spirit.
  • Wk 5 Trinidad Adventure Week
    Next up is a week in Trinidad, an amazing and impressive World Heritage site. You'll be based in the stunning old town but will head off everyday to explore, sail, scuba, cycle, dance and or trek - masses to do.
  • Wk 6 Havana Rafael Trejo Boxing Gimnasio
    For the last week it’s back to Havana where you’ll be introduced to the ‘Rafael Trejo Gimnasio’ - one of the oldest boxing clubs in the country, which has sadly fallen into decay. With the help of Vianko, and a team of young Cuban helpers, you’ll help bring this place back to life or you'll help breathe life into the rainbow project.
  • End Last Fling
    We are in Cuba after all – doesn’t the last night deserve a few mojitos, the salsa and possibly the cha cha?

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