10 Weeks in Tanzania: Care Internship + Dar es Salaam + Zanzibar

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  • Date

     October 9, 2014

  • Departing

     5 April, 2 July, 3 Sept 2018
    3 Jan, 4 April, 2 July, 5 Sept 2019

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    Up to 31.8.18
    £2122 - 6 weeks
    £3010 - 10 weeks
    Up to 31.8.19
    £2223 - 6 weeks
    £3110 - 10 weeks
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     Tanzania, Career Opportunities, Programs

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I have absolutely loved my time with the Leap. The staff could not have been more welcoming and couldn’t do for us. Thank you so much for making time so amazing!
Olivia Roberson
Olivia Roberson
Leaper Alumni

We have a great little brochure for Tanzania

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Your Itinerary

What you'll do and where you'll go, from the day you arrive until you hop on a plane back home.
  • Day 1 Arusha
    You’ll fly in over the glistening frozen peaks of Kilimanjaro (pray for a clear day) before stepping out into a wave of equatorial heat. A day or 2 of settling in and exploring our backpacker highlights.
  • Day 3 Dymphna Care Home
    An amazing chance to help Sister Mary look after her kids who suffer from autism and Down syndrome. For 5 days a week, while you are in Arusha, you can turn up full of energy, love and ready for action to help her feed, wash, dress and read to the children.
  • Day 21 Lake Manyara
    A little treat - travel north to Lake Manyara – spaning 330 sq km, with lush forests and open grasslands surrounding a giant salt-water lake and home to flocks of vivid pink flamingos. Here you’ll be treated to a day’s safari.
  • Day 23 Amani Orphanage
    You can either whizz back to town to carry on with Sister Mary or mix it up a bit by staying at the Amani Orphanage, home to 40 kids who need help with the renovation of their home while messing about with impromptu football matches and general TLC.
  • Day 28 Dymphana
    Back to the Dymphana for another 3 weeks.
  • Day 56 Dar Es Salaam
    As a complete contrast you are perfectly placed to head west to Dar - huge, hot, humid and boasting rich Swahili culture – here you’ll feel a world away from the bush and have a chance for a contrasting experience by helping in a local school.
  • Day 57 Montessori School
    This school rely’s on private funds and local manpower to keep it going. Here you will roll up your sleeves to help with renovations, planting trees and watering plants to reduce dust and eye infections.
  • Day 65 Zanzibar Adventure
    An optional extra (see backpacker favourites) - hop over to Zanzibar Island for a few days where you can kick back on the beaches, strap on a snorkel to track down a turtle or head to the spice market of capital Stone Town.
  • Day 70Dar Es Salaam
    Nip back to the mainland to catch your flight home or carry on with a spot of independent travel.

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