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So you like the idea of Cambodia? Don’t blame you, it’s amazing, we love it.

Cambodia is exactly what you picture Asia to be – dusty roads with animals on the pavement, motorcycles everywhere, ancient temples, phenomenal architecture, a sad yet rich history and a leisurely pace to life.

We have put together a program which includes a unique combination of travel, adventure, community and conservation projects.

Join a team of LEAPers to experience:

1 3 Contrasting Locations:
Siem Reap (cool city), Mondulkuru (elephant sanctuary in the jungle) and Sihanoukville (beach life).

2 Multiple Projects:
Teaching English to kids, conserving elephants, building fresh water wells in rural villages, helping street kids find an alternative to begging.

3 Adventure:
Island hopping, jungle trekking, touring Angkor Watt.