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10 Movies You Should Watch Before Travelling The World

Movies are a great way to inspire, motivate and bring to light unique places in the world… Whilst the Oscar nominations have started to flood in, […]

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Follow These Easy Steps to Learn a Language on Your Gap Year

“A…cerveza….please…” We’ve all been guilty of heading out for a tipple at a local bar whilst travelling only to realise we know the word for beer […]

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10 Gap Year Locations You Didn’t Know Existed

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page… With Christmas over and the beginning of the year promising rain, […]

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How to Travel the World Like a Local on Your Gap Year

Live in your own city like a tourist and travel the world like a local… These wise words, told to me by a fellow traveler on […]

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The Ultimate Christmas Markets to Visit on Your Gap Year

It’s that time of year again, the season to be jolly! What better way to get into the festive spirit than wandering the Christmas markets, tasting […]

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The World’s Most Wondrous Waterfalls

Visit the World’s Most Wondrous Waterfalls on Your Gap Year

Leonardo da Vinci once said “water is the driving force of all nature…” And I couldn’t agree more. There’s no better way to explore the beautiful […]

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Travelling Around Africa On Your Gap Year: Where to Begin

Africa holds an air of mystery in the minds of so many… But how do you begin to plan your gap year in Africa? Just like […]

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How to Make your Gap Year Original

How to Make Your Gap Year Original

With the rise in gap years it can be difficult to avoid the “Gap Yah” stereotype… As The Tab liked to point out back in 2014, […]

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