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Travelling in Peru? 10 Highlights You Must Include

I write this blog in conjunction with the launch of our new program, designed for those travelling in Peru, which has got the office playing pipe […]

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Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones’ Travel Savvy Rules for your Gap Year

So its official I, Bridget Jones am back, just somewhat older and of course wiser. Back on your screens this week with my next adventures, dismal […]

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Gap Year Planning? 4 Challenges for You to Consider

Home is officially emptying out. School has started, university is around the corner and for those taking a gap year thinking autumn is all about Cold […]

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Top Tips for Packing and Getting Organised for Your Gap Year

Have you heard of the saying ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance? Otherwise know as the 5 p’s? Well, this really rings true when it comes to […]

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Start The Gap Year Job Search with our Top 10 Job Ideas

It’s been a week since the A level results came in and the gap year plans are looking good. However just to warn you in less […]

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Nervous About Exam Results? Make Your Back-Up Plan a Gap Year

The big day has arrived: Exam results day. A day of reckoning for some, and champagne-drenched delight for others. All that hard work, sweat, blood and […]

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10 Cute, Rare Animals To Seek Out On Your Gap Year

We are huge animal lovers over here at The Leap, and try to do as much as we can to help preserve endangered, cute, rare animals […]

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10 Weird and Wonderful Forms of Transport To Use On Your Gap Year

Whilst travelling about on your gap year, there’s no escaping long hours in buses, trains or cars. So, to break up the monotony of these more […]

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