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Costa Rica Jungle Zip Wiring - How Travelling Boosts Personal Development

How Travelling Boosts Personal Development

It might sound a bit cheesy but, by choosing to do some gap year travel, you’re embarking on a life-changing adventure that will enable you to […]

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15 Essential iPhone Apps to Help You on Your Gap Year

It’s no longer just enough to have your rucksack packed and ready for your gap year. Now you need to have your smartphone prepared and ready. […]

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Girl Off-Road on a Bicycle - Backpacking Essentials: The No B.S. Guide to a Perfect Trip by The Leap

Backpacking Essentials: The No B.S. Guide to Plan the Perfect Trip

You’re fed up of working nine-to-five in an office, or you’re in need of a well-deserved rest after months of being stuck in exam halls… am […]

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Drama-Free Gap Year: How to Survive Backpacking With Your Best Friend

We all love our best friend… We’ve done lots to remember with them and we’re super excited to head out to wherever it is we’ve decided […]

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Traveller with a Great View - How to Travel When You Have No Money by The Leap

How to Travel When You Have No Money

It’s the #1 reason would-be gap year travellers think they can’t embark on some epic worldwide trip… You don’t have enough money, therefore you can’t go […]

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Beat Jet Lag Whilst Travelling on Your Gap Year With These 10 Easy Steps

As many of you know I have had the pleasure of spending the past week in the US… I’ve been attending the gap year fairs and […]

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Namibia’s Eight Hidden Gems Every Gap Year Traveller Should Visit

Imagine a country so large that it has a land mass the size of Germany and Spain combined, but contains only 2 million people and has […]

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Overcome Homesickness on Your Gap Year With These 5 Simple Strategies

Being far away from the ones you love can cause anxiety in even the most seasoned of solo adventurers… You’re headed off travelling on your gap […]

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