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Mt Kilimanjaro - 6 Incredible Gap Year Ideas You Can Thank Me For Later by The Leap

Gap Year Ideas: 6 Great Ones You Can Thank Me For Later

Keen readers of this blog will know that one of the major difficulties school leavers and students planning an extended break often face is inspiration. Because […]

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Meeting New Friends - 5 Reasons To Go On A Gap Year Adventure by The Leap

5 Reasons to Go On a Gap Year Adventure

Have you just finished school and fancy a break before heading off to university? Or perhaps you’ve completed your first year and fancy a bit of […]

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Borneo orangutans - Conservation Jobs by The Leap

A Foolproof Guide for Finding Exciting Conservation Jobs

Is it just me, or do you too sit on the sofa watching the likes of David Attenborough or Tom Hardy (no hardship there) racing about […]

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Volunteering hands - Volunteer Now by The Leap

8 Reasons Why You Need to Volunteer Now

Gratifying, humbling, insightful, life-changing… these are all words Leapers have used to describe the act of volunteering. But they’re all just abstract words, meaningless jumbles of […]

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Dog walker - Summer Jobs by The Leap

The Essential Guide to Summer Jobs for Students

Whilst your first instinct might be to head off on a sun-filled adventure, summer is the perfect time to get a job and save money.  Adventures […]

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Crew a Tall Ship - Gap Adventures by The Leap

5 Bold Ideas for the Best Gap Adventures

So you’ve aced your exams (hopefully), but you’re not quite ready to get back into study mode just yet. So forget packing your bags for uni […]

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Ace Ventura, Pet Detective - Jobs With Animals by The Leap

6 Weird Jobs With Animals That You’ll Absolutely Love

As a nation of animal lovers, it’s surprise that jobs with animals are amongst the most popular careers in the UK. If you have your heart […]

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