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3 Top Trending Destinations for A Gap Year in Africa

A gap year in Africa is definitely back in the game as a top backpacking, gap year destination, after fighting off its tarnished image of yesteryear […]

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African Elephant

Asia, Africa or South America? Which is better for Backpacking?

Exams are over, the partying has started (surely) and the time for planning the future gap year or imminent summer is upon you. But where to […]

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Taking a photo

5 Easy Ways to Record Your Gap Year Adventures

Trust me – your gap year will be one of the best experiences of your life, and you’ll never forget it. Having said that, the memory […]

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European Train

A 5 Step Guide To Prepare For Your Interrailing This Summer

Exams are nearly over, the summer is looming and the smell of Hawaiian Tropicana is nearly upon you. Having spent the last year visiting schools up […]

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Take a Gap Year

Should You Be Taking A Gap Year?

There are a million and one reasons why students take a gap year – trust us, we’re pros on the subject and I can send you […]

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Backpacking South East Asia

A Backpackers Guide to South East Asia

Grab yourself a map. Did you know that Asia itself consists of 50 different countries? It’s massive, full of history, contrast and fascinating cultures but its […]

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15 Foods You’re Guaranteed to Miss Whilst Travelling

As a travel addict I believe there is no better way to spend your time than travelling the world and discovering the amazing cultures, histories and […]

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Prepare for Your Gap Year This Summer With These 7 Strategies

Whilst there is much to look forward to with your upcoming Gap Year as I’m sure you are very aware there’s also much to prepare for. […]

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