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Backpacking South East Asia

A Backpackers Guide to South East Asia

Grab yourself a map. Did you know that Asia itself consists of 50 different countries? It’s massive, full of history, contrast and fascinating cultures but its […]

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15 Foods You’re Guaranteed to Miss Whilst Travelling

As a travel addict I believe there is no better way to spend your time than travelling the world and discovering the amazing cultures, histories and […]

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Prepare for Your Gap Year This Summer With These 7 Strategies

Whilst there is much to look forward to with your upcoming Gap Year as I’m sure you are very aware there’s also much to prepare for. […]

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10 Awesome Destinations for Game of Thrones Fanatics to Explore on Their Gap Year

With the start of Game of Throne’s season 6, and what a start it has been, I can imagine many of you are wondering how you […]

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8 Types of Traveller You’re Guaranteed to Meet on Your Gap Year

Any of you that have done any form of travelling will know that travellers are a diverse species… But if you spend enough time on the […]

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The Fun and Easy Way to Make Friends on Your Gap Year Anywhere in the World

Whenever the topic of making friends on your gap year comes up, it’s an eternal worry for those yet to hit the road… Yet talk to […]

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5 Bizarre Hangover Cures to Use on Your Gap Year

We all know that hungover feeling a little too well… When you stir from a big night, you’ve got a splitting headache, you feel sick with […]

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Beach Trekking - 5 Things You Need to Know About Gap Year Insurance by The Leap

5 Things You Need to Know About Gap Year Insurance

Undoubtedly the least exciting part of planning any trip is researching and buying your gap year insurance. It’s an added (and if you’re new to travel, […]

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