Why The Leap Is The Best Gap Year Company Around

A unique mix of projects, people and places

Most gap year companies offer one dimensional experiences; they'll send you off on your own or in pairs to one place to do one thing for your entire trip. With The Leap, every program on offer involves variety.

You'll travel to several different places across the country you've chosen to visit, and take part in all sorts of activities along the way. One week you could be entertaining local kids whilst living with an indigenous tribe, the next you could be taking surf lessons on the Pacific Ocean.

You'll also do the whole thing as part of a team of 8-15 other guys and girls taking The Leap, who you'll meet before you go. Having them there will make a huge difference to what you can achieve and the fun you can have, and ensures that a great social life comes as standard.

Supported by a team of friendly, caring superheroes

All of this is meticulously planned, executed and supported by our highly-experienced team of overseas project leaders and UK staff. They're handpicked for their dedication to making your trip a safe and ultimately rewarding experience.

Our UK staff know exactly what's involved in taking The Leap, and are here to help before you go. Once the adventure begins, they'll be busy liaising with your project leaders on the ground and monitoring your progress. They're on-hand 24/7 should you need them.

We've been working with our in-country project leaders for years. Whilst our competitors boast ‘local reps’ that are often several hours’ drive away and available only in case of emergency, ours live in situ. They're right there, constantly managing risk and resolving issues as they arise to ensure our programs run smoothly and safely.

What's In It For You?

If you're still not convinced, check out these other benefits you can rely on if you choose The Leap.
Together, they ensure we're streets ahead of the competition.

Make your money go further

Once you dissect the small print, you'll see we offer great value for money. 65% of fees are spent in-country, so full-board accommodation, risk-assessed transport, flexible payment plans and round-the-clock service are all included.

Full-board accommodation means you’ll live with your team and get three (or very occasionally two) meals a day of varied, plentiful and nutritious food - not on your own in a local home stay, eating whatever your host family is having. Drinking water is always provided (unbelievably this isn’t an industry standard).

Risk-assessed transport means vehicles which have passed our safety audit will transfer you between each leg of the program, including airports. Most of our competitors expect you to walk or catch local transport, with the inherent risks and additional costs all on you.

Peace of mind

With our first-class safety measures, you (and your parents) can rest easy. Our comprehensive risk assessments, safety audits and management systems follow the highest standards, guidelines and industry/government practice expressed by: BS8848 Trading Standards,The Year Out Group and American Gap Association.

Safety induction briefings at each location, secure accommodation, road-worthy vehicles, medical evacuation access and emergency communications are implemented by professional medics, counselors and advisors to ensure emergencies are swiftly resolved.

If you wish we’ll also prepare and introduce you to our UK support team in our office, in Marlbrorough, where you’ll receive general travel advice and program-specific instruction. Can’t make it? We offer briefing Skype sessions, too. We have detailed Risk Assessments, and Safety Audits for each of its destinations – available on request.

Contribute and give back with Leapgiving™

Put your time and money towards a great cause. To date we've collectively spent close to £3 million overseas on projects and in local economies, planting over 4500 trees, renovating over 100 schools, improving the water supply for over 40 villages, and directly benefiting communities in the process.

We employ as many local people as we can to facilitate our programs, supporting countless families in disadvantaged countries. We also provide you with a donation to spend on a project of your choice whilst on your program.

By taking The Leap, you’ll be joining a family of volunteers whose dedication ensures they give something back to the communities and environments they visit.This is your moment to make a difference and feel proud. A great way to be remembered.

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Turn your CV into a masterpiece

Taking your first steps into the job market can be tough. Becoming a Leaper will develop skills like teamwork and communication, and allow you to prove it with one of our certificates of personal development.

This can serve as a wonderful, useful asset when you're going to interviews and looking for work, as you'll be able to demonstrate to employers that you have highly-valuable, transferrable life skills.

The same goes for universities, who highly rate those who set themselves apart by doing structured work overseas. They know programs like ours take the volunteer out of their comfort zone – showing courage and depth of character.

Trusted by leading industry partners

You're in good company: we work with a whole bunch of other reputable organisations. We're a founding member of the Year Out Group (an association of leading gap year organisations), the first British company to be accredited by the American Gap Association, and a partner of both the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s 'Know Before You Go' campaign and the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

We also protect your money through a Non-Statutory Trust Account, and your flights are booked through STA Travel who have an ATOL Insurance Bond (3206) through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Want more? Go to the partners page to see all the organisations we work with.