With exams on the way, some of you may be staring endlessly at revision cards thinking this…

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And maybe others have even got to this point?

gap year coffee
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Never fear, because The Leap have a good 5 minutes of procrastination in store for you.
For when the coloured pens and bright flashcards just aren’t doing the trick anymore…


12 little things to make you smile:

1. Sometimes we all need a helping hand to get through those dark exam days:

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2. And often all we can think about is sleep and food…

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3. It’s an important time to remember the simple things in life, like squeaky shoes:

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4. And hide and seek!

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5. Maybe a little inspiration from someone who’s no doubt achieving more than all of us at the tender age of 13 can get you feeling motivated?

(or perhaps just a little depressed about one’s own inadequacy)

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6. If the knowledge memorisation and absorption juices just aren’t flowing, get travel planning.

It’s the ultimate means of exam procrastination, especially when the freedom of a gap year looms… even just have a think about all the mindless fun you’ll be having!

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7. And if you just hate all things timetabled and can’t wait to escape school life…

Then why not make that gap year you’re planning a gap life instead, just like this legendary globetrotting granny?

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8. At least for dog-owners the packing part is simple (I NEED one of these)…

Via Baby Aniamls twitter.com

9. I know too well how distraction can be a big issue when attempting to revise:

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10. But it can also be a whole lot of fun… so for your next segment of procrastination, I give you the carrot-balancing challenge:

gap year life
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11. To be honest, if all else fails, once those exams are out the way just put it all behind you, pack up, and go…

Just maybe make a quick plan first!?

plan a gap year
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12. Because you know what…

gap year quick get away
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Still in desperate need of more distraction? Check out the latest envy-inducing blog from our Ecuador team enjoying the magic of the Galapagos Islands…

Yes, save me from the revision guides!

Amelia Greene
Amelia Greene
Amelia has joined us for a three month internship. Having volunteered with us in Madagascar at the start of her gap year she has now joined the team as our resident Blogger and Social Media Guru.
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